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Managing Your Teams Can Be Hard.
We Make It Easier.

Implicit Bias

Implicit bias has been shown to affect the decision making processes of both Caucasian and African American individuals.


Dr. Whatley's Implicit Bias workshop focuses on self awareness, while also  assisting the organization in understanding the possible impact of implicit bias on the historical decision making processes of the organization.


Organizational Trauma

Organizational trauma may result from a single devastating event, from the effects of many deleterious events, or from the impact of cumulative trauma over time.


Our goal at Jillian Whatley and Associated, Inc. is to help leaders to understand trauma and the impact on the sustainability of the organization. 


Mental Health in the Workplace

Organizations have a responsibility to support individuals with mental disorders.  Research shows that unemployment, particularly long-term unemployment, can have a detrimental impact on mental health.


Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to implement transitional strategies to assist people to transition after this crisis is over.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership 

Research indicates that leaders with high emotional intelligence and dramatically improve their teams and organizations. 

This is done by a focus on collaboration between team members, which creates synergy and a better experience for employees.


Mental Health in the Workplace

To understand how traumatic stress occurring at different stages of the life cycle interacts with the developing brain, it is beneficial to review the normal functioning of brain development.


Trauma-Informed Classrooms training is a digital training designed to equip educators to help children from backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and/or trauma.

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